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PreneurDomain knows that learning is easier when you can do it with your peers who may have the same or similar challenges as you. All of our speakers and moderators have several years of experience developing various types of businesses, therefore, you receive very practical and immediately applicable knowledge from relatable entrepreneurs and business owners.

Live Expert & Masterpreneur Talks

PreneurDomain has an extensive network of serial entrepreneurs and subject matter experts who can provide you with unique insights through their stories and experiences. You will have the chance to listen to and meet business leaders who presided over some of the largest corporations in the world.

Virtual Learning Experiences

If you did not get to participate in one of our live events, you can subscribe to PreneurDomain's Virtual School where you can learn specific and practical skills to help your business and enjoy bootcamps, workshops and bundled courses at your own pace in your own space. 

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Joe - Excellent use of my time

Extremely informative and allowed me to grow in areas I was not as educated in. My only piece of constructive criticism is that I felt at times the camp went from a beginner tone to that of an expert, and back again. It moved around a little too fast with some of the topics but again, overall VERY VERY good!!

Marcus - Really enjoyed being a part of this bootcamp

I was impressed with the organization and how well structured it was, and I was equally impressed by the quality of the attendees. There were many good questions and a lot of thought provoking dialogues. One suggestion I might add would be an alumni group with in person being primary and Facebook being secondary. It would be great for local entrepreneurs to meet up for social events and share their progress and challenges in a relaxed social setting. Building the entrepreneur support network can be a powerful force for SWFL, especially with all this new knowledge!

Harrison - Thanks to everyone for the awesome time

I really enjoyed meeting everyone and having some great discussions!

Remington - Had a blast with everyone

Brian - What a fantastic session!

I learned a TON personally for my business and I think everyone else did too.

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