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About the bootcamp

who should come to this bootcamp

- if you've been running your small business at least for 2-5 years or more

- if you've been generating revenues

- if your small business is your full-time job

- if your small business is stable but you fill stuck and you may want more

- if your small business is growing but outpacing your business structure and processes and you do not exactly know what to do

what can you expect to be included in the bootcamp

- how to build an ingenious small business

- what the best practices for small business branding and marketing positioning

-  how to delight your customer for superior customer experiences in every phase of interacting with your small business

- how you lead your small business to create an environment and culture that attract the best employees and insures their loyalty

- how to optimize your operations for high efficiency and effectiveness to assure maximized profitability

what should be the outcomes by the end of the bootcamp

- learning to find more useful ideas to provide insights that drive best action

- learning to maximize available resources to figure out creative solutions instead of excuses

- learning to adapt fast and smart to insure strategic speed that advances your company's mission

- learning to use the ingenuity canvas to assure continuous progress of your small business

- learning various discipline-specific tools and techniques

Bootcamp Sessions and Speakers

What you receive

Workshop Sessions with Practical Tools

50 hours of learning practical tools immediately applicable to your business (it would cost you many thousands with a dedicated consultant)

Exclusive Learning & Unique Techniques

Only through this bootcamp, you can learn using the Ingenuity Methodology and Canvas (it would cost you many thousands through other venues)

Direct Advice from Ingenuity and Entrepreneurship Experts

During the bootcamp you will receive direct advice specifically for your business in various areas (marketing, operations, etc.) from top experts and advisors (comes with Support Subscription)

Additional Great Benefits

- 30% off services - $300
- access to additional online content and exclusive podcasts - $300 

Even More Value

- access to exclusive Bootcamp FB Group community

Self-Paced Learning

- you can learn at your comfort anytime and anywhere

- learning when your time allows and can extend subscription as you need

Taste of what's coming

Highly practical and immediately applicable tools and techniques with exclusive speakers and The Ingenuity Canvas Methodology

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